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I found this on the Internet and maybe this is a more useful term when describing issues with casting in movies. Or maybe it makes things more complicated. Who knows?

"Historical inaccuracy is Egyptian pyramids being built in the New Kingdom period. Geographic inaccuracy is casting all of the Egyptian roles with people from western Europe. A movie set in a certain geographic location has the right to cast characters that look like the people from that location without people complaining about things that should not be there."


The Manga Fan's Bad Luck

(A male manga fan enters the bookstore)

Manga Fan: Yes, it's a new year! I can't wait to read some new manga! Which ones should I start with?

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Oh, my goodness. Finally, FINALLY I've found an article addressing just how stupid and nonsensical the whole "dying in childbirth = certain death" excuse for Anakin Skywalker's downfall is. I've read and watched a lot of rants/criticism about the Star Wars prequels, but never one that so thoroughly addressed how ridiculous the whole "dying in childbirth" thing was. I swear, it's like this author was reading my mind.


Sample quotes:

  • "He seriously spends two hours of the movie freaking out about his wife’s uterus, and hypes himself up so much that he gets to the point of slaughtering tiny tots in a Jedi temple. All because he can’t think of another way to save Padme from reproductive health complications."

  • "Why didn’t they just go to a goddamned obstetrician-gynecologist?"

  • "Prenatal visits never happen in Episode III, not even offscreen. Despite Anakin’s spiraling paranoia about Padme’s health, doctors or hospitals are bizarrely never mentioned."

  • "If there were any women’s healthcare available, there is no reason why Padme wouldn’t take advantage of it. For one thing, her husband is flipping the fuck out over her possibly dying in childbirth. Why didn’t she visit a doctor in an attempt to soothe his fevered mind?"

  • "Even if access to reproductive health services is limited in this galaxy—as in ours—Padme is probably the woman best situated to get it. She’s a sitting Senator residing in Coruscant, the capital of the galaxy. She’s clearly a woman of means, given that she has three elaborate costume changes for every hour of the day. Padme is hanging out in a posh penthouse in the most populous city in the galaxy: if there’s medical assistance out there, she can get it."

  • "And if the couple were still super paranoid about visiting the doctor together, she could just go by herself. It’s not like “ANAKIN SKYWALKER IS THE SECRET FATHER OF MY BABY” is written on her cervix."

  • "The droid then goes onto pronounce that she has “lost the will to live,” despite leading with an admission that they don’t know what’s wrong. How is that consistent? And why would a robot be programmed to detect “will to live”? In short, this droid is completely full of shit."

  • "That said, depression after giving birth, and death caused by emotional shock, are both real things. But they’re medical things, with diagnosable symptoms and actual medical remedies. The same thing goes for a death caused by Anakin Force-choking Padme when she goes to confront him. A Force-choke is still a choke, and a choke is a physical cause of injury. If any of these things actually caused Padme’s death, then this droid is just an incompetent fuck who doesn’t know what it’s doing."

  • "But the point is that broken-heart syndrome manifests as literal heart failure: the left ventricle of the heart spasms the way it does in a conventional heart attack caused by blocked arteries. But cardiac failure isn’t mentioned by the medical droid."

  • "But in general, you don’t really just up and die from postpartum depression. However, you’d think that if Padme were dying from being very sad, someone would at least mention postpartum depression? You know, in passing. Maybe even eliminating it as a possible diagnosis."

  • "But no, in Revenge of the Sith, everything related to birth is just a big question mark hanging over the characters. Who even knoooooows how uteruses work? Sometimes they just kill people, randomly, because you get sad."

  • "Even if we do accept the inane premise that she lost the will to live and died of being sad about Anakin, she’s only sad because Anakin has completely lost his shit after psyching himself out over her imminent death in childbirth. If Anakin hadn’t been frightened out of his mind about the deadly capacities of Padme’s fallopian tubes, he wouldn’t have turned to the Dark Side."

So, I was rereading the comments for this Beauty and the Beast parody comic from Shortpacked:

And I started wondering about whether or not the upcoming 2017 live-action version of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" will address any of the points that were brought up. I'm not saying that the film must address these points, but it would be fun if they did. So, here are a list of questions/plot holes/threads left hanging from the original Disney movie:
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Another “Beauty and the Beast” review from Phelous! This time, Phelous reviews an anime version of “Beauty and the Beast” from Grimm’s Fairy Tale Classics.


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Batman vs. Superman: The First Meeting

So, since "Batman v. Superman" is still in theaters, I suppose that now’s a good a time as any to mention another thing that bugs me about how certain writers portray Batman and Superman's relationship. Namely, how they discover each other's secret identities.

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So, here’s something else that I’ve been wondering about fiction. I sometimes see people saying that it’s disrespectful for authors to incorporate elements in their work that many people in the real world still believe to be true. I’ve seen people criticize YA paranormal romance novels for featuring angels as their main supernatural creature, I’ve seen a critic say that skinwalkers shouldn’t be used in a fantasy book because apparently certain Native Americans still believe in them, etc. The main criticism is: many people still believe these things to be true, so stop treating them as if they’re mythical creatures like vampires and stop stripping them of the religious context and significance that they have for the believers of that particular faith.

Except…that’s already happened.

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Felix vs. Adrien

So, apparently, Thomas Astruc, the creator of "Tales of Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir" had to send a tweet out to fans, telling them that Felix, the original concept for Adrien/Chat Noir, would not appear in any shape or form and that he was theirs to play with. Apparently, fans had been very persistent about asking him about Felix. Originally, the show was planned to be 2-D animation, and was heavily inspired by anime. The civilian identity of Chat Noir didn't actually have a name yet, but the fandom was so crazy about him that they dubbed him 'Felix' and the name stuck.

He only showed up in an OVA, but that was enough for some fans to fall in love with him and for me to dislike him.

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So, I've gotten into a new show and fandom called "Tales of Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir". It's really fun and cute. It's a 3D animation show created in France that has been dubbed in Korean and only recently in English. It's a lot like "Sailor Moon," because the main characters are a teenage girl and teenage boy who undergo magical transformations to become superheroes and defeat the monster of the week. They're also involved in a love square that's not really one, because the heroine, Marinette Dupain-Cheng (a.k.a. Ladybug), is in love with the hero, Adrien Agreste, and doesn't know that he's her partner, Chat Noir, while Chat Noir/Adrien is in love with Ladybug and doesn't know that she's his classmate, Marinette. The fight scenes are great, the characters are likable and charming, and the romantic tension between Marinette/Ladybug and Adrien/Chat Noir is sweet and flirty.

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Harry Potter: The Gateway Drug to Fandom

Being in as many fandoms as I've been and as long as I've had, a random thought just came to me that the Harry Potter fandom is kind of a bootcamp when it comes to other fandoms.

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Basically, anything that's happening in a fandom, the HP fandom has done it all.